About The Festival

For many persons who have lived in the Caribbean or for those who have visited; thoughts of the Caribbean islands bring back fond memories of the flavourful cuisine, rhythmic music, intriguing artisan talent, world-renowned rum but most of all the warm and friendly people. Our Caribbean culture is diverse and each island has its own unique character and flavours. The team at JamPeg Entertainment Inc. will take you on a journey to the islands through culinary and beverage experiences, artisan and musical expressions.

The venue will come alive with the tantalizing smells of culinary delights, it will move to the sounds of vibrating music, it will awaken your taste buds with the taste of world-renowned blends and your senses will come alive with the vibrant colors and expressions of art.

This will be the 1st staging of the Caribbean Food & Rum festival, and it will be held annually during the beautiful Winnipeg summer. The Caribbean Food & Rum Festival is designed to build the performance and commerce skills of Caribbean culture as well as to showcase an array of multicultural and multi-genre food and beverage sellers. The event will:

A journey of authentic Caribbean experience awaits you and we cannot wait to welcome you as together we explore the very best of our rich culture and heritage.
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