Who We Are

The name JamPeg signifies a fusion of cultures, a fusion of our way of life and our mantra – out of many we are one. JamPeg Entertainment Inc. is the brainchild of two Jamaican-Canadians, Natalya Petrekin and Shana Goulbourne who both have a passion for commerce and entertainment but most of all an innate love for people having fun. JamPeg Entertainment was officially launched in Winnipeg in 2019.

However, cumulatively the team at JamPeg has years of experience in the industry. Our objective is to host wholesome events that will promote and celebrate Afro-Caribbean culture, identity, creativity and talent. Through our reach we want to contribute to, and build on the movement established by other likeminded institutions; celebrating and promoting the Caribbean culture here in Winnipeg. We will offer events throughout the calendar year. However, our staple event will be The Caribbean Food & Rum festival which will be held annually during the summer months; it will be the first of its kind here in Winnipeg.

The Caribbean Food & Rum Festival is designed to build the performance and commerce skills of Caribbean culture as well as to showcase an array of multicultural and multi-genre food and beverage sellers. Not only will this event showcase our culture and talent but it will also showcase our altruism; throughout the year we will be partnering with various charities as part of our outreach program.

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